Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Secret Invasion

so i finally got around to picking up Secret Invasion at my local comic shop (LCS, oh yeah baby, you like that shit?.) i actually picked up a ton of stuff, because i hadn't been there in a couple months. i'm gonna do 'em bit by bit, so that i'm not too boring. first up, i'll do my batch of Secret Invasion's and tie-ins.
Secret Invasion #1, & #2
Mighty Avengers #12
New Avengers #40 - i love 'em. i was pretty skeptical about this Skrull deal, but again, Bendis pulls it off. #1 was wonderful, my favourite part is when Hank Pym shoots Reed Richards all over the room like spaghetti. i love the Nick Fury story running through the Mighty title, just great. New Avengers was great, great. and i loved issue 2 of Secret. not everyone did, i guess cuz there was no big Skrull reveals, but screw that, it was awesome. i forgot how great Leinil Yu's art looks with good inks over top. wow! gorgeous. i thought Jim Cheungs Skrull-filled New Avengers was incredible. Cheung is always solid. now, after the Fan Appreciation Event, this past April, i am not a fan of Alex Maleev personally, but that did not stop me from loving his art on the Nick Fury story. gritty and wonderful. even if i didn't love this story, i would buy all of these books for the stellar artwork. my ratings are BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, and BRILLIANT. i don't know how this is gonna end but i ain't goin' anywhere. good show, Bendis.

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